Abandoned shared bikes in Xiamen, Fujian Province, PRC. Photo from Reuters

Design to Last: a reflection on waste

Designed to (not) Last

Do we really need to switch our phones as often as we do? Poravute Siriphiroon / Shutterstock.com

The Waste Makers

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an icon of modern waste mismanagement. Photo from The Brag

Design with waste in mind

Volkspods, a motorcycle body made with the fenders of an old Volkswagen Beetle. Photo by Brent Walker
The Vessel Mug from creates a new system to reduce disposable coffee cup waste. Graphic from Vessel Works
A wooden necklace i made using leftover wood found in my woodworking workshop.

Product Design Student from Indonesia — eternally stuck between knowing too little and wanting to learn more

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