From Cyclists into Commuters

How Indonesia’s cycling boom can be a chance to rethink transportation

First, a history lesson

Soekarno with Fatmawati on his bike. Photo by Charles Breijer
Indonesian cyclists in Bandung, 1933. Photo from Geheugen van Nederland

The present day

Bicyles have been exploding after the covid-19 pandemic. Chart from Statista
Bicycle theft is an issue that many cyclists face: one still present today

Changes from Cyclists

the Bike To Work Indonesia Community. Photo from Bike To Work Indonesia
Protests made by the Danish Cyclist Federation. Photo from Danish Cyclist Federation

Changes from Manufacturers and Designers

Technology has opened up opportunities in bike design. Companies like Rad Power Bikes are just one of many who are competing in the electric bikes market. Photo from Paris Gore/ Rad Power Bikes
Bicycles with trackers like the Vanmoof Electrified combats Bicycle Theft. Image from Vanmoof
A polygon bicycle with Bike To Work Branding. Image from Pinterest

Changes from Policy-Makers

Jakarta’s governor, Anies Baswedan, trying the newly built bike lanes in the city. Photo from Anies Baswedan
What cyclists will often find when using these cycling lanes. Photo from

Everyone can have a role

Investing in cycling will generate benefits for the whole country, not just those using a bike to get around.

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