My Summer Car: car games done right

Simulation, Realism and puhumme suomea!

Sandbox, Open World, Car Simulator?

To Be A Finn in the early 90s

Sepon Kauppa, the inspiration for Teimo Kauppa. Rojola stated that the world is a mix of everything around Finland, and not based on a particular region. Wikimedia Commons
No minimaps! Only the essentials are present as the HUD for the game.
The Methods one can take to get to Teimo Kauppa (The main store in the game)

Hard Car Game

Get used to the sight of crimson in your screen, you’ll see it a lot
Name another game that throws you in jail in real time for being a jerk to NPCs.
Down to the last bolt: there are hundreds of car parts laid in the garage for the player to build. Sockscap64

Ironically Realistic Game Design

Glorious Shitty Graphics with no Vsync for the best experience
NPC Models are the biggest offender of how terrible the graphics are, with low detail and low quality textures. MSCWiki
Amistech Games keeps the progress of the game an its website. Amistech Games
Desert Bus, a game about driving a bus for 360 Miles in real time. NME


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